Saturday, October 2, 2010

Responses to domination & problems. Look away? get high? Noah's experience

Noah is accused of not doing much for his generation, he is prepared to build an ark to save himself while his generation degenerates and faces annihilation, he makes a basic effort to persuade others of the need to change their ways but not really knocking himself out. The flood is even called Noah's waters.

Noah gets drunk, after the flood.

We have two of Noah's sons looking away when their father disgraces himself. Lying naked and drunk.

Noah's curse of his grandson Canaan introduces slavery to the world. We have not yet rid ourselves of this.

A post trauma society goes into survival mode, to build a tower to make themselves strong with no other agenda. The Lubavitcher Rebbe warned in the post-holocaust era of the dangers of having survival as the only focus, the means can justify almost any means.

Some ideas to contemplate over the coming week.